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Web Design

I make websites. It's what I do. Mobile-friendly, standards-compliant, and hand-coded in Cleveland. I like to build in Craft CMS & WordPress, but am just as happy working on other platforms, both foreign and familiar. Once things are live, I'm also on-hand for things like hosting, maintenance, marketing, and all the bits that keep things heading in the right direction.


I spend about a third of my time doing various consulting work for my clients. This includes research, code review (to improve speed, security, conversion rate, etc.), multivariate testing, and more. If you've already got a web project going, but know it can be better, let's talk.


I believe that your audience knows what's going to work better than I do. Using data from Google Analytics, server logs, and other 3rd party services, we can learn everything we can about what's going right and what's going wrong. There's a lot more to web metrics than how many visitors your site is getting and where they're coming from. It's time to start using that data to your advantage.


I run email marketing campaigns, setup targeted ads on Facebook, know my way around Google Adwords, but also have the good sense to tell you that all of those things will be much more effective if your load times are fast and we're monitoring your analytics in a way that ensures we're not throwing money around for no good reason.

Web Hosting & Server Admin

I offer web hosting services and support. Whether that means setting your site up on our servers and sending you an invoice once a year, or creating staging and development environments, and handling 3rd party service tie-ins and script automation is entirely dependant on the needs of your project. My job is to help you understand your options and keep things running smoothly.

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